7 common IT mistakes that can spark future success

Failing up: IT pros share hard-earned lessons of early-career stumbles that paved the way to long-term career success.

7 common IT mistakes that can spark future success
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Coaches train athletes to develop a short memory for mistakes so that they can move on to the next play and succeed. Similarly, business leaders are frequently advised to fail fast, and move on. In both cases, the idea is to refocus and start again, all while under ongoing, tremendous pressure — yet still produce results at a high level.

No great accomplishment in technology has come without a few false starts. The IT pros we talked with advise learning from mistakes and refactoring in real time, while managing risks to avoid outcomes that are hard to recover from. 

So, if early stumbles can lead to successes later on, what are some of the more memorable and useful mistakes IT leaders have made? Here are the stories of how early missteps led to positive outcomes in tech leadership. 

Overlooking the importance of iteration

Colin Earl, CEO at Agiloft, makes the point that you can check off all the boxes for delivering a project or product and still fall short. 

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