7 digital transformation myths

A successful digital transformation can help you outpace competitive threats. But these conventional beliefs can cause your efforts to fall short.

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The pace of change in business is forcing many companies to transform, often enabled by technology. This is variously termed digital transformation or tech-enabled business transformation, but regardless of label, technology leaders are at the center.

Preliminary data from Deloitte’s 2020 global tech leadership survey shows 79 percent of organizations globally are engaged in a digital transformation effort, with nearly half (45 percent) of transformations undertaken as a reactive response to imminent market threats.

What's preventing organizations from identifing and aggressively pursuing transformation opportunities, rather than waiting for competitive threats? These 7 myths may be to blame.

1. Digital transformation is about technology change

Technology is a critical enabler, but digital transformation’s purpose goes beyond technology, typically addressing business adaptation to marketplace changes. In fact, technology may be the easiest part of digital transformation.

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