Kevin Angland of Mercury: Building the foundations for the modern workplace

“It is like Mercury bought the car 10 years ago... and never took it back to the garage for servicing.”

This is how Kevin Angland describes the digital and business transformation he and his team have been immersed in at Mercury.

Angland is the inaugural GM digital services at Mercury, and he joined the company over three years ago when it was rebranding itself from Mighty River Power.

As the executive responsible for digital transformation across the business, his role encompasses ICT, contact centre support team, and customer operations.

“That is one of the huge benefits of my role, it is not about the technology,” he states.

Angland talks about digital transformation that takes in perspectives from both internal users and customers.

“Happy staff equals happy customers,” he says on the company’s imperative to focus on both customer and employee experiences.

He then relates how these are linked to technologies that allow changes which are innovative and inclusive, while providing Mercury with an edge in a very competitive market.

“A rebrand is never a coat of paint,” he stresses. “It’s from the customer, all the way through the whole organisation, and how it’s drawn us into a single culture.”

He adds that, “It has created that platform so that the technology change we have delivered over the last few years is in support of the new Mercury in the marketplace and the customer value that we’re looking to deliver.”

Part of this transformation is the move early this year in Newmarket, which consolidated their three Auckland sites, including the contact centre, into one building.

“The decision to move here was made before I joined Mercury,” he explains.

“The primary driver was, our people are our greatest asset and we need an environment that allows them to do their best work.”

The Mercury Building on 33 Broadway in Newmarket, Auckland

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