Using cloud, AI for KYC and ID management for African enterprises

In this Q&A, James Lawson, co-founder and CIO of South Africa-based Intergreatme, explains how cloud and machine learning form the basis for Know Your Customer and digital identity management.

Artificial intelligence and digital identity

Cloud and emerging technologies such as machine learning are enabling new types of businesses around the world. Although cloud uptake in Africa lags behind most other regions, early adopters on the continent are beginning to spring up. Intergreatme, maker of its namesake digital identity platform, is one of them.

In its efforts to help enterprises combat identity fraud and financial crime, Intergreatme (also known by the IGM brand) is tapping cloud, machine learning and automation technologies to enhance trust and transparency in data sharing as well as save time and money for its diverse clients.

The company’s digital ID platform includes a consumer app that enables users to create their digital identity using biometrics and passport or driving licence IDs. For businesses, it is designed to ensure that enterprises gain ethical access to verified customer identities in a secure, regulations-compliant, and instantaneous manner.

To get more insight into the impact of cloud, AI and automation technologies in the Know Your Customer and ID verification arena -- which is expected to continue to grow as more people and businesses in Africa go digital -- we talked to James Lawson, chief information officer and founder of Intergreatme. Edited excerpts follow:

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