How IT can improve the employee experience

Employee experience is as vital as customer experience — but remains an IT afterthought. Here’s how to shift your focus and provide employees with the internal IT experience they deserve.

How IT can improve the employee experience

PCs that take eight minutes to boot and make people late for conference calls. Expense reporting systems based on spreadsheets so tedious and convoluted that employees put off doing their expenses for months at a time. Internet connectivity so slow that it’s quicker for staff to look something up on their phone. Passwords that have to be reset every 90 days, losing hours of productivity every time.

Organizations that tout digital transformations laser-focused on customer experience often fall down badly when it comes to the IT experience of their own employees. But employee experience (EX) —  which aims to help those who actually deliver your company’s products, services and support — is key to productivity and retention.

Companies with great EX outperform the S&P Index by 122 percent and are 21 percent more profitable than those with low workforce engagement score.

The millions of dollars organizations spend on employee engagement have little effect when they focus on short-term “perks.” In 2018, Gallup reported the highest ever level of involved, enthusiastic, committed workers in the U.S. — at just 34 percent of employees.

Worse, however, may be the leadership disconnect when it comes to IT. Nine out of 10 C-suite executives say they choose new technology that delivers what employees need: 50 percent of employees disagree.

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