For BMC, internal IT is its own best customer

BMC’s shift to vetting its software on the front lines of its own IT department has been a game changer for improving customer experience, says CIO Scott Crowder.

For BMC, internal IT is its own best customer
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Before BMC rolls out software to its customers, it rigorously tests it on the front lines — in its own IT department. That approach to hammering out the kinks in its software through in-house use is part of a company strategy that CIO Scott Crowder calls “customer zero.”

“We’re looking at these issues customers have in the IT industry and crafting software that can solve these universal IT issues,” says Crowder, who was promoted to CIO six years ago with a mandate to modernize the company’s business systems and improve its employee experience. “But I started to ask, ‘What are we using? Why aren’t we using the same tech that we’re trying to sell to customers?’”

Doing so enables BMC IT to provide candid feedback and recommendations to the company’s customers. “Lots of companies build IT software, but if they’re not also using it themselves, then they’re missing out,” he says.

Breaking down silos

When Crowder first took over as CIO, he spearheaded a reorganization aimed at dismantling a siloed organizational structure in which business leadership was separated from in-the-trenches IT. To facilitate this, Crowder created a business enablement group that paired senior leadership with business partners throughout the organization to act as a bridge.

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