9 hot Israeli cloud security startups for the CIO, CSO watch list

Israel is a crucible for cloud security startups aiming to solve enterprise security issues for open source, serverless, container and virtual computing technology.

Cloud Security

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a blow to the global economy. But it has accelerated a years-long migration of organizations to the cloud to enhance their computing capacity. In turn, that ratcheted up demand for new cloud security technologies. 

Evidence for that thirst can be found in Israel, where many cloud security start-ups have sprouted because of the country’s expertise in encryption and information security. In 2020, start-ups raised some $1.3 billion amid the pandemic crisis, several times more than 2019, according to StartUp Nation Central, which tracks venture funding in Israeli start-ups.

“2020 has accelerated platforms that enable people to work remotely,” said Chaim Meir, who heads the investment team at the Israeli venture investor OurCrowd. “We saw what happened with Zoom. We saw what happened with Microsoft stock and Google stock, anyone who is enabling remote work. But to enable that, you have to feel safe and secure that the corporate data that is being worked on is in a secured environment.”

The shift to cloud computing, virtual machines, and automated development has opened up a myriad of new security challenges that legacy firewall software can’t handle. The changed architecture has created a demand for new solutions that has driven the germination of a crop of cloud security start-ups in recent years.

Israeli cloud security start-ups have been bolstered by the country’s deep information security know how and an embrace of digital transformation and cloud migration.

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