Two Paths Converge in the Cloud: Realizing Value from Legacy Migrations and Native Cloud Development

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Another third of companies’ CIOs say their board and top management — while not yet fully aligned on the vision of a digital ecosystem upending industries and business models — are still very open to new ideas about customers that could be served, products and services that could be created, and their data which could be a new source of revenue.

Committing to parallel, but continuous, cloud migration paths may offer the greatest return from the smartest investment. New products, new services, new opportunities to sell existing data, even bigger opportunities to reveal – through analytics -- new data and markets for that data: this is what the digital ecosystem enables.

But a diversified growth strategy reflecting a mature organization’s many stakeholders and dependencies should include both modernizing current operations and, by reimagining the enterprise’s core expertise and actual output in a cloud environment, new lines of revenue and profit.

And the greater the growth of new businesses for a company, the more room to modernize existing operations, products, and services – so that they too might more robustly contribute to the company’s bottom line.

Rethinking risks

Where once a company might debate internally about digitizing a part or function of its business, whether to build or lease a data center, and how vertically integrated the company should become – today many of those kinds of issues seem quaint considerations.

One risk that has been largely taken off the table is the cost to deploy new hardware, switch to new operating systems, and provision more computing power, resources, and storage. These risks and undifferentiated heavy lifting of procurement and operations are borne by cloud providers like AWS, whose business model necessitates continuous evolution to stay on top of technology developments and ahead of security threats to provide enterprises the strongest platforms and features on which to run their businesses.

The vast amount of business operations migration to cloud environments across every industry highlights the biggest risk for corporate leaders to consider: the high cost and risks of waiting longer to migrate legacy apps to – and develop new business in – the cloud.

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