6 hiring trends that are changing how IT talent is found

Struggling to fill roles? Here’s how improved employee experience, internal recruiting, and sophisticated use of AI are giving some companies an IT hiring edge.

6 hiring trends that are changing how IT talent is found
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A tight market for IT talent is leading to a shift in how tech pros are discovered, hired and then engaged once on board. While some of the advances are technology-driven, others emphasize the culture your organization cultivates to attract and retain top talent.

A new report from LinkedIn warns that only half of employees think the on-the-job experience is positive, reducing productivity and harming retention. “If they’re not on their way out,” the report cautions, “they’re likely performing well below their capabilities.”

Improving employee experience, developing new hires from within, and increasingly sophisticated use of AI are all on the rise. Read on to find out about how these changes are affecting the way companies reach and keep tech talent.  

Data-driven hires

Data analytics have been touted by HR departments for a decade to predict candidate success, reduce bias in hiring and promotions, and identify employees who are likely to leave. But according to LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends 2020 report, those capabilities are hitting the mainstream, thanks to 252 percent increase in HR professionals who have data analysis skills in the past five years. 

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