Emerging technology adoption is changing the Middle East job landscape

AI, robotics, automation and cloud technology are spurring hiring for tech jobs in the Middle East.

Businessman selecting a group of people.

Companies in the resource-rich Middle East region are on track to offer more tech-oriented jobs in the coming years in a sign that government-led initiatives are boosting the adoption of emerging technologies.

The UAE, one of the largest economies in the region, has been at the forefront of this transformation. According to a recent Linkedin report, 11 of the 15 top emerging jobs in the country are within the technology field.  The role of data scientist is set to be most in demand in the tech field, followed by digital marketing specialist, and cybersecurity specialist, among others.

Ali Matar, the head of Linkedin’s MENA and EMEA Emerging Markets, said in an emailed statement that the findings of the report reflected the “successful efforts of the UAE to move its workforce towards digitization and AI.”

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