10 hidden cloud gotchas to watch out for

The upsides of the cloud are well known. But IT leaders seeking to capitalize on cloud services should beware these cloud-specific issues that can impact your strategy — and the bottom line.

10 hidden cloud gotchas to watch out for
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The cloud revolution has been around long enough that every IT leader knows the overarching value proposition: The cloud makes it easier to share resources, it adapts quickly to shifting loads and demands, and it can save time and money by eliminating the need to buy, install and maintain racks of your own hardware.

But there are downsides, and they aren't mentioned as frequently. Maybe that’s because the idea of offloading your hassles to some Shangri-La of a server farm hidden in the sky is so seductive.

Still, the real worries of moving your workloads to the cloud aren’t the run-of-the-mill maladies.  Yes, cloud machines suffer from many of the same issues that confound the boxes in your own data center. If there's a backdoor in Ubuntu 18.04, it will let in hackers whether it's installed on a cloud machine or a server in a closet down the hall. All computers are susceptible to power failures, hard disk crashes, alpha rays, malware and worse.

The interesting gotchas, however, are those peculiar to the cloud model. These issues don’t affect the machines in your server farm, or if they do, they don’t threaten catastrophe at the same scale. The trick, of course, is to watch out for and, where possible, solve these 10 cloud-specific issues before they come back to haunt you.

Runaway costs

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