Best Android apps for CIOs and business users

There are countless Androids apps available, all helping to improve the user’s productivity, organisation, communication and phone security.

CIO UKlooks at the best Android apps for CIOs and business users including office suites, VPNs and team file management tools (to name a few).

The list will be updated regularly with new apps and categories, so get in touch if we’ve missed one you love.

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VPN and remote connection

VPN and remote connection

VPN’s are useful as they add an extra layer of security by encrypting data safely through your phone and office network. What’s more, VPN’s  are good for remote workers wanting to login overseas server.

AnyConnectis ideal for users wanting to connect to the business network from a remote location.

The free Android app provides a secure connection allowing users access to email, desktop sessions and other Android applications. This reduce the threat of stolen passwords, information loss and potential identity theft. AnyConnect also allows users to control their device settings and connect to business networks.

SurfEasyoffers great online file backup and personal data security

The free VPN offers secure browsing encrypting for all user transmissions for up to five mobile devices. This can reduce information loss and password theft.

SurfEasy also blocks ads and websites from viruses and allows users to privately browse without being tracked by hackers.

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Financial tools are great for keeping costs under control, creating budgets and making transactions, as and when.

Mint is a financial tool for tracking accounts and managing payments.

This free tool allows users to create budgets whilst also sending user’s reports based upon spending and income. This is great for giving statistical overviews and creating financial reports.

Mint is fully encrypted offering user authentication and security support to ensure account protection.

It allows individuals to categorise their money by date, company or expense saving user’s time while also keeping track of important costs. What’s more, it sends user’s notifications about upcoming payments, interest rates and receipts.

Easy Currency Converteris ideal for those wanting to increase their financial skills.

It allows users to browse exchange rates, convert currencies and customise their settings based upon on location. Additionally, it is compatible in offline mode, great for those working remotely and on trips abroad.

Email clients

Email clients

Email apps are useful to communicate, network and collaborate with team members and other businesses ensuring meetings, pitches and important dates are not missed.

Microsoft Outlookis a free emailing app and one user's running a Microsoft shop will be most familiar with.

Outlook users can archive, delete and organise tasks and also collaborate with others through document sharing and scheduling meetings across multiple calendars. This will increase communication skills, team collaboration and help manage work schedules. 

Gmailis probably the most popular emailing app, and it's likely to be preinstalled on your device.

The free app offers up to 15GB of storage while also ensuring documents are secure by blocking spam emails through some great email filters. What’s more, users can receive push notifications for important calendar events while also being able to read and respond to emails if working offline.

Gmail connects your Google Hangout contacts to the email showing your availability to message, video call or voice chat to individuals. This is great for building relationships, monitoring individuals and increasing team communication.



A good calendar should help to organise, collaborate and manage work schedules with very little effort from the user.

aCalendaris a great free app for users looking to store and manage work agendas and project timelines.

A free version is available offering personalisation features, no ads and agenda viewing widgets. This is ideal for users wanting to keep track of tasks during periods of business transformation.

Maps & Navigation

Maps & Navigation

Map and navigation tools are great for getting from A to B, simple but effective.

Citymapperis a navigation tool which allows users to find the best route, and is one of the best out there.

This free tool combines all transport modes whilst also updating users on live timetables, traffic incidents and travel delays. In addition, users can view maps in an offline mode, great for those that travel often.

It also lets users share their location or address, meaning individuals can get directions while also view when you’ll arrive.

Trainline is an ideal navigation tool for booking and planning train journeys.
It sends user’s alerts on prices, train times and the best travel route for their next trip. What’s more, it has a booking calendar which highlights the cheapest time to book.

The new version includes mobile ticketing which lets users download timetables, skip the queues and access live departures.

Document editing

Document editing

Document editing is great for CIOs working remotely, collaborating with teams and for overall user productivity.

Microsoft Office Suiteallows users to edit, share and view files from one app.

The free app features Word, Excel and Powerpoint programmes to help users create, edit and share business documents. What’s more, users can manage, store and download files all in one place.

Microsoft Office Suite enables users to track changes made in documents, ideal for team projects or brainstorming sessions.

Google docsis another free app which allows users to open, create and save documents.

The app enables users to edit and share documents without an internet connection, which is great for users working remotely and also reduces the risk of information loss via an unsecured internet connection.

File management

File management

File management is great for users wanting to store, categorise and handle vast amounts of documents.

Dropboxis a free app that enables users to upload, share and download files with up to 1GB of storage space.

The app is great for small businesses sending files to individuals that don’t have an account.

Dropbox enables users to back up and sync files to connected devices while also restoring documents for up to 30 days. This can save time, and overall information loss.

Google Driveis an online storage app which allows users to share, store and view files.

The free app offers up to 15GB of free storage and is great for storing documents, images and slideshows. What’s more, the app is accessible through different internet connected devices to ensure team collaboration and overall productivity.

Solid Explorer File Managerenables users to locate, manage and store files including documents, PDFs and images.

A free trial is available but the full version features include encryption of password on files to reduce information loss, identity theft and cyber-attacks.

Solid Explorer File Management also manages files through Cloud services such as Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive for users to access and share documents.



Wi-Fi apps are valuable for users wanting to connect to a secure network and see how their network is performing.

Wi-Fi Maticensures security by automatically connecting to saved networks. This is great for reducing password theft, information loss and ensuring overall user privacy.

It detects Wi-Fi connections depending on your location, great for data consumption and a longer battery life.

Speedcheckis a useful tool for those wanting to check their Wi-Fi connection, speed and overall performance.

It lets users test the connection and speed rate of Wi-Fi hotspots while also monitoring user access. In addition, individuals can compare and share speeds of Wi-Fi hotspots to ensure reliability and overall security.

Speedcheck has a Wi-Fi finder feature which lets users locate public Wi-Fi hotspots nearby. This is great for saving time.

Note taking

Note taking

Note taking is great for developing ideas, planning agendas and creating checklists.

OneNoteis a free android app which allows users to draw, write and create content.

The app is great for sharing notes with users, storing documents and writing to do lists. Not to mention some useful file storage, online backup and graphics features.

OneNote also allows users to scan hand written notes, create categories and plan agendas making it searchable for individuals.

Evernoteoffers great note and checklists features while also providing good document storage.

The free android app has voice command capabilities to help users schedule meetings, create ideas and store content. What’s more, Evernote includes 1GB of free storage space per month and also allows users to view documents offline to help manage workloads, increase user productivity and ensure projects deadlines are met.



Communication tools are useful for CIOs for building relationships, monitoring individuals and boosting team morale.

Skypeis a great communication app offering call, video and message services.

The free app also offers security through its cloud services to block ads, reduce malware and cyber-attacks.

Skype features group calls, instant chat and conversation histories which is great for users holding conferences, taking trips abroad and those who are working remotely.

Google Hangouts is perfect for users wanting to communicate and collaborate with teams members and gathering instant answers to work queries. 

The free app has messaging, calling and video capabilities and is great for larger businesses holding up to 150 people on group chats.

Another good choice is Slack. The free app features instant messaging, calling and video capabilities, from multiple devices. Slack also stores contacts while also keeping users up to date with notifications and chat history.



Travel apps can help increase organisational skills, reduce costs and overall stress levels.

Skyscanneris a great travel tool for those that take trips often.

It combines flights, hotels and car hire sending user’s notifications on price alerts. This is great for staying within an organisation’s budget and reducing stress levels.

Skyscanner allows users to share and manage their trips, great for increasing team communication and establishing business relationships. It is customisable to users filtering by airline, stopovers and flight duration.

Kayakis a similar tool and is useful for those wanting to stick a set budget.

This free tool has a flight finder feature which compares airlines to help find the best way to travel. What’s more, it allows users to view their itinerary offline, great for those that travel often.

It has a forecast feature which allows users to monitor flights while predicting flight prices over 90 days. In addition, users receive notifications on gate changes, flight statuses and baggage claims, great for monitoring your flight and reducing overall stress levels.

Printing and scanning

Printing and scanning

Printing and scanning apps are great for users accessing documents away from their desk and connecting to network printers.

Cloud Printis made for printing and sharing documents with individuals in your team.

The free app lets android users print from their device to connected printers while also being able to keep track of documents.

The free tool features printing and faxing capabilities while also enabling users view and edit documents in shared groups.

Another good choice is CamScanner, which offers 10GB of cloud space for sharing images, videos and PDF’s while also enabling document passwords for user security. This can reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and information loss.



Productivity apps are vital for CIOs developing new services or products, managing costs and time.

Workflowis a great app offering map directions, audio recordings and storing archives, all of which can be easily found on its featured home page.

The app will cost £2.29 but does offer some great features. It will ensure task deadlines are met by prioritising tasks and sending notifications when needed. Workflow supports voice detection to add events, send emails and upload content.

Pocketallows users to browse the internet, store, edit and share documents while working offline.

What’s more, documents can be sent to any mobile device or computer saving users time, reducing costs and overall productivity.

Project management

Project management

There are so many project management tools available for Android, and there is a reason for that. Project management apps help users visualise workflows and plan ahead for future steps, vital for most business users. (See also:7 best open source project management tools for CIOs)

Trellois a free business management tool for users creating projects and managing work schedules.

The android app features checklists, to-do lists and task sharing capabilities to ensure users can monitor team members and ensure project collaboration.

Trello also offers customised workflows, task annotations and shareable content.

Basecampis another great option for users creating checklists, writing to-do lists and scheduling meetings.

The business management tool offers chat, message boards and commenting thread capabilities ensuring team collaboration, increasing user productivity and reducing costs.

The free app features file storage for users to save documents, images and PDF content while also being accessible offline.

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