Book review: App Savvy

App Savvy
Turning ideas inot iPad & iPhone apps customers really want
By Ken Yarnosh (O'Reilly)

Back in 1995, as a young News Editor with a great deal more hair than graces my cranium today I would spend the mornings opening the post (remember that?). A great many of the press releases carefully delivered to me by the Royal Mail were about organisations that had one of these amazing new things known as a website.

Fast forward 16 years, a few publications, job titles, massive mortgage, two kids, wife and dull estate car and I find my inbox inundated with emailed press releases extolling the virtues of these amazing new things known as ‘Apps’.

App Savvy is a book from specialist tech publisher O’Reilly which aims to help organisations and individuals turn their ideas into “iPad and iPhone Apps customers really want” as the strapline on the book’s cover states.

Author Ken Yarmosh, who is a product strategist with considerable experience in building applications for the mobile market, has focused on the iOS apps market for Apple’s ubiquitous iPhone and its increasingly popular iPad tablet. I expect future editions will need to broaden their approach as the tablet computing market grows to include more Google Android and Microsoft platforms.

This isn’t a book targeted at the CIO; it’s a hands-on step-by-step guide to help you build an iOS app. However, Yarmosh has done a good job of writing a heavily detailed book that will enable a broad church of people within your organisation get to grips with the requirements of building the app.

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