The 2013 CIO Summit

Welcome to the 2013 CIO Summit. Now in its fourth year the aim has always been to create an event where genuine best practice and knowledge sharing can take place through presentations and discussions with individuals who really do understand the business, technology and leadership pressures you are under, as they, like you, are CIOs.

Every speakerpresent today is at the heart of business change and transformation. The overall theme to this year's event is digital revolution.

Since the CIO Summit launched four years ago the world economy has been challenging to say the least, but it is the observation of CIO UK, and no doubt all of you, that not only is this a tough recession, but a significant change in consumer behaviour, business operations and opportunities is taking place. That change is digital and for many organisations the digital revolution is uncomfortable or threatening.

The CIOs speaking today are helping their organisations adapt, and in many cases lead, the digital revolution. As Editor in Chief of CIO UK I have observed that certain organisations get widescale mainstream media coverage of the difficulties they face, yet by and large these organisations are not facing up to the digital revolution. That is not the case of the CIOs and organisations present here today.

I hope that by listening and questioning the digital revolution and the CIO's role today we can all benefit ourselves and our organisations. The digital revolution is not just about bringing more technology to bear, it is about discovering and exploiting new business models, it is about leading teams and organisations, it is about training to ensure we have the right skills and a diverse workforce that reflects the true nature of our society and can therefore empathise and serve them effectively. Technology is of course important and we need to ensure we are making the right decisions to ensure the revolution is sustainable.

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