The customer that tech forgot

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There is a lot to be said for accessibility, Overhyped marketing can be counterproductive, because it can confuse the issue even for those who know what you’re talking about.

IT has to be accessible, if for no other reason than for the sake of the users. They are the ones who have to use these solutions on a day-to-day basis.

Also, because end users, unlike consumer purchasers, aren’t usually given the choice about what systems their company uses, it is even more important for these solutions to be accessible and clear.

If your system isn’t right for your users, they become disinclined to use it and also to follow the procedures that you’ve put in place, undermining what you’ve set out to achieve in the first place.

This is a move towards democratising IT and bringing the established process more in line with how we actually think now.

Because of the history of the industry and the way it has evolved, there are many aspects of the IT world which are based on an older approach around rigid thinking based on how our technology used to work.

These approaches limit what we can achieve, because they neglect what is actually possible now, and they can end up excluding precisely the people who stand to benefit the most.

It’s an obvious lesson that a large number of companies seem to neglect.

Know your audience, know how to give them what they want, and, most importantly, present it to them so that it actually makes sense.

You could make the world’s most technologically-advanced screwdriver, but it’ll do you no good if the world thinks it’s for hammering in nails.

There is so much emphasis on marketing in these areas that the core of the solution can be swept away in the hype and noise, and the end user’s needs forgotten.

The companies offering these solutions face an ongoing battle to be able to differentiate themselves from everyone else occupying the same market space.

The pressure is also on to stay current. The industry is going to change dramatically in the next 10 years and the organisations that will be successful and weather the storm are those that put the customer back in focus and at the heart of the business.

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