Digital and CDOs must improve processes

The CIO and director of customer access at Nottingham City Council Mark Gannon says the rise of digital in organisations must be used as an opportunity for organisations to improve their processes and their relationships with their customers.

"If you align digital to communications, it just becomes messaging," Gannon (pictured standing) said in a CIO Profile interview. “But really digital is about process re-engineering and that is not the bag of marketing and communications.”

The public sector CIO sees digital as a very positive force for CIOs in his sector as it will improve digital inclusion. Gannon said digital is reaching a stage where it’s less about which citizens have access to the web and more about the processes of the organisation. Gannon said the ubiquity of Smartphones is reducing the challenge of access to the web, but increasing the challenge for CIOs and their digital counterparts to ensure their processes are efficient and engage with customers.

"We have some poor examples of forms that are hard to fill in or processes that require too many transactions. The digital inclusion is not an issue that will cause us stress. Digital by default is about quality of service," Gannon said.

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