Ian Cox’s book calls for a radical transformation of IT

CIO’s columnist Ian Coxhas penned his first book, Disrupt IT in which he calls for, and sets out how to achieve, a radical transformation in the way IT is delivered, managed and sourced in the enterprise.

The CIO role and the IT function have experienced significant change in their relatively short lives and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Disruptive trends such as consumerisation, cloud, mobile and social together with much better awareness and understanding of technology across all business functions are having a major impact on the role of IT and the CIO.

These disruptive trends are fuelling the digital transformation of every industry; technology is being used to enable new business models, products and services. Digital markets move quickly, they are more dynamic than traditional markets and they can be disrupted more easily. But the majority of CIOs and IT functions are stuck with ways of working, structures, skills and that are remnants of the mainframe, PC and client-server ages. This model of IT cannot meet the needs of the digital business and CIOs and their departments are being bypassed as a result. The digital business needs a different type of CIO and a different type of IT function.

In Disrupt IT, Cox draws on his experience as a CIO and as a consultant working with organisations to transform their IT functions to define a model for IT that meets the needs of the digital business. He also identifies seven principles that provide CIOs and Boards with a framework for building the IT capability their organisation needs to succeed in the digital age.

“Technology has changed the operational processes of every organisation, but as Cox highlights in this book, technology itself is radically changing at present,” says Mark Chillingworth, Editor in Chief of CIO UK.

“Cloud computing, mobile devices, machine-to- machine connectivity and data analytics place a totally different set of demands on the IT team. As a result a new model for the leadership of business technology is required.

“In my opinion, Cox has identified the principles that today’s CIOs and future business technology leaders must exhibit,” Chillingworth says.

Disrupt ITis available from Amazon in print and Kindle formats from 12 February 2014.

Available from Amazon at: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00ICPWVYI

Cox was named as a finalist in the British Computer Society’s CIO of the Year award in 2011 and was also ranked in the top 100 UK CIOs for 2012 by CIO UK.

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