CIO 100 winners join judging panel

CIO 100 leaders Trevor Didcock and Myron Hrycyk join the CIO 100 panel of experts for the 2016 CIO 100, which is about to begin.

Didcock and Myron Hrycyk topped the 2012 CIO 100 as first and second respectively in the rebooted CIO 100 which had taken a hiatus from 2009. The 2012 CIO 100, and all subsequent releases of the CIO 100, focused on creating a list of 100 CIOs that were clearly leading transformation in their organisations. Previously the CIO 100 had been based on the size of IT budget and the size of the organisation. CIO UK Editor in Chief Mark Chillingworth and the CIO UK team of expert advisors felt this was an outdated analysis of the benefits a strong business technology leader can bring to an organisation.

Didcock, CIO for airline easyJet from 2010 to 2015 and Hrycyk CIO for utilities firm Severn Trent Water from 2008 to 2015 stood out as business transformers who delivered technology strategies that enabled organisations to meet the demands of their sector. Didcock, number one in the 2012 CIO 100 was leading not only technology transformation, but transformation of the entire organisation, leading its Turn Europe Orange change programme impressed the panel with his cross-organisational change leadership. Hrycyk joined Severn Trent Water at a low point in the organisation’s history following regulatory fines and the need to change the entire leadership team. Hrycyk (pictured) impressed the panel for his role in ensuring the organisation recovered and used the latest technology as part of its recovery.

Entering its fifth year, the CIO 100 showcases the 100 most transformative CIOs in or from the UK to demonstrate the critical role technology leaders play in modernising and improving organisations for customers and employees. Every year the judging panel assesses a wealth of submissions and use their own insights to draw up a list of CIOs who are enabling business change, reducing costs, increasing sustainability of the business and meeting the increasingly digital needs of customers through the use of information and technology.

While other "awards" celebrate IT estate or budget size, the CIO 100 demonstrates how CIOs work across the leadership board to create a culture of innovation, lead global change management programmes, react to changing customer needs and reduce operational inefficiency.

In 2015 the CIO 100 judging panel was joined by Catherine Stagg-Macey, a leadership coach that works with a number if CIOs on how best to lead their teams and organisations. Stagg-Macey joined the CIO UK team of columnists in 2014 to provide her unique insights into leadership and advice on what are often described as soft skills. Her online column has proved very popular with the CIO readership. A former technology leader herself, Stagg-Macey retrained as a coach to now offer leadership coaching and facilitation.

Jayne Nickalls also joined the judging panel in 2015 and is former chief executive of the Cabinet Office and currently acts as a non-executive director for the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Nickalls was in the Cabinet Office for over five years and will add strength to our ability to assess the challenges of change in the public sector.

Returning to the CIO 100 judging panel for a second year is Ian Cohen, who has featured prominently in the CIO 100 since it became a recognition for transformation. In a long career as a CIO Cohen has worked in quality and tabloid news at the FT and Daily Mail respectively as well as banking and financial services. His most recent role has been as CIO of insurance specialists JLT. Matt Ballantine was their fourth member of the panel to join in 2015 and again returns for 2016. Ballantine, a former business technology leader is now an advisor to leading organisations on a range of topics including collaboration, communications and strategy.

The existing panel of Ade McCormack, Ian Cox, Jerry Fishenden, Mike Altendorf and Richard Sykes returns to offer its expert insights as former business technology leaders. This panel supports the CIO editorial team of Mark Chillingworth and Edward Qualtrough on a daily basis.

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