Five ways to challenge your organisation to change

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Take the time to lead your peers and the business, and to test ideas.

Be clear and open about the opportunity and its drawbacks, empathise, be open to suggestions, and win over a broad coalition of support before you act.

Securing Board, and workforce, approval isn't something done once, it is an ongoing challenge.

You should aim to generate and sustain a consistent pull for change and a hunger for the new capabilities you can provide.

This is best achieved by winning often and by delivering bite-sized chunks in a steady stream of good news.

It also means knowing weaknesses, learning lessons, and demonstrably matching the capabilities at your disposal to the challenges ahead.

Capability to deliver
Honestly assess performance today, what's needed tomorrow and for the journey, then fill the gaps.

If the initiative is a priority, it deserves skilled resource to drive and deliver it.

If you cannot secure those skills, then think again before you commit to deliver.

And consider how you can use the initiative to attract, develop and retain talent: understand individual motivations, and the career path you can offer to support.

In thinking of well-known examples to bring the 5 Cs to life, it's easy to bring up examples of where they are lacking in famous IT failures.

But it's just as easy to forget that nearly every success isn't an IT success, but a wider business success.

Alasdair Ramage is a principal at Moorhouse

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