Maggie Miller's tale is a source of experience

“Thirty-five years in IT, 20 years as a CIO, 19 years of experience in outsourcing as well as transformation­ programmes, offshore and onshore,” is how Maggie Miller describes a varied career that has included stints in retail, banking and the media. So with a packed CV and her spell at Warner Music­ Group over, surely she’s ready for a rest? Not Miller. She’s lean and ­exudes a vitality that is borne out by her outdoors lifestyle: she’s ready for a new summit to climb.

We meet Miller at Tower 42. Overlooking the City of London and home to an annual stairwell race to the top, it’s a fitting London base for Miller, whose latest challenge is to be one of the leaders of professional services company Elix-IRR which is helping CIOs make the most out of outsourcing.­ As the discussion progresses it’s clear that Miller is enthused by the opportunities outsourcing still has to offer the CIO community and wants to see CIOs get more from outsourcing and for suppliers to move up the value chain.

“This is a new company, it has been ­established by a small group of people that have a great deal of experience in outsourcing on both the buy and sell side,” she explains.

“There is a gap in the market. A lot of strategic people are not good on the execution. There are also good people on the RFP transactional end but they are too foc­used on the price.

“So there is no-one in between with both experience of the buy side and the sell side, as well as people who understand delivery, not just contract signing.

“I’ve never been part of an entrepreneurial business. I get to be part of creating­ what Elix-IRR is going to be and I get to be involved with companies that are going through major change,” she says. Asked if she’s going to miss the CIO role, she quips: “I’m released from the tyranny of making sure the CEO’s BlackBerry works.”

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