Gatwick Airport CIO Cal Corcoran interview - Delivering Internet of Things at scale

Gatwick CIO Cal Corcoran believes the organisation is developing the platform to deliver the "Internet of Things at scale" to improve the passenger experience and operational efficiency at the UK's second largest airport.

The former CIO of BP's oils and lubricants company Castrol, Corcoran was speaking to CIO UK at Aruba Network's Atmosphere event in Croatia where he described the airport's journey to upgrade its faltering campus WiFi network after joining the organisation as CIO in May 2016.

Corcoran said that the new networking infrastructure and relationships with HPE and Aruba were underpinning transformation initiatives, and would support the deployment of emerging disruptive technologies at the airport.

"Gatwick is critical national infrastructure," he said. "It's a 24 by seven operation; it has to run. If it doesn't run, lives are impacted. Planes don't fly, bags don't move, passengers don't move. Because we are critical national infrastructure, if something goes wrong at an airport you end up on BBC or Sky News pretty quickly.

"But over and above that, the new campus network allows us to get after newer technologies and newer benefits, so things like sensors and IoT at scale."