10 reasons CIOs must mentor their staff

Mentoring has become something of a buzzword in the business world, but is it all it's cracked up to be? Some of the UK's top CIOs certainly think so. Here are ten reasons why mentoring your staff could be the best thing you've ever done.

1. Learn new skills:IT leaders should have the technical knowledge to make strategic decisions, but many lack the soft skills needed to gain the trust and respect of their non-IT peers. Peer mentoring can help them acquire those techniques. David Wilde, CIO for the City of Westminster, said mentoring helped his move from central to local government and sharpened his ability to operate in a political environment.

2. Gain from others' experience:Mentoring by senior staff offers an invaluable opportunity to pass on years of hands-on knowledge. Vincent Sparks, IT director at Stobart Group, says: "From my first position in industry as a management trainee I was mentored by a brilliant MD which helped shape my outlook on the world of industry and commerce."

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