The three immediate cloud opportunities

Pinning the term cloud computing down to a single definition is not just hard, it's impossible, primarily because vendors have habitually used and abused it to refer to so many different things.

Over the past couple of years we've have tried to define some of the underlying principles that will remain once the marketing people get bored of the term and move on.

We have developed a way of walking people through the confusion, both interactively and through advisory material, in order to help them figure out how cloud computing in its various forms might fit into their own plans and activities.

More recently, we have turned our attention to looking beyond cloud at the long term strategy and direction level, so we can identify exactly where the opportunities are for CIOs looking for short to medium term advantage. In order to do this, it helps to distinguish between the different types of cloud proposition out there. We have identified three types of cloud proposition that we have concluded represent the best bets for the shorter term:

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