Book review: Cybersecurity

Just as hackers were breaking into the systems of major US retailer Target, respected academic and business publishing house Wiley published its latest tome of the increasingly important subject of cyber security. Cybersecurity: Managing systems, conducting testing and investigating intrusions has been penned by Thomas J Mowbray who in his career has been a member of the Northrup Grumman Cyber Warfare Community of Practice in the US and is currently the chief architect for The Ohio State University.

This book is aimed at members of your IT team that may well be wanting to add security skills to their CV, and therefore is an analytical technology text. Whilst CIOs of course need to be business leaders, in these challenging cyber security times there will be times when a CIO has to manage, understand and communicate cyber security issues.

The fallout from the 2013 Target hack is not fully understood yet, but already market watchers in the US are expecting there to be a greater focus on cyber security by organisation, in particular in retail.  It is likely that trend will come to the UK as well, although as Barclays CIO Anthony Watson states on this title, we are already ahead of our US cousins.
Books such as Mowbray’s Cybersecurity are useful for a brush up on core skills and an analysis that is independent of vendor hype, which can and does go into warp speed following a major intrusion.

Cybersecurity is available as an eBook or if you prefer print from Wiley.

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