VPI offers citizen control over citizen data

I recently found myself invited to an event at the former London home of Lord Kitchener, now the imposing home of the Institute for Government. The topic for the evening was volunteered personal information (VPI).

VPI’s ambition is to provide a better model for safeguarding personal data. The event was certainly well timed, coming as it did on top of recent comments from the Information Commissioner that 80 per cent of the population is concerned about protecting personal information online. Some private-sector firms like Amazon and eBay already let us directly maintain our own personal data, but VPI take things further.

Instead of every organisation building its own system to acquire, store and maintain our personal data, the objective of VPI is to let us store our own personal data in a secure place of our own choosing. Organisations could be granted access to the information when needed, but would no longer have the costs and risks of acquiring and maintaining it, and our personal information would no longer be duplicated across every single online organisation that we interact with.

The Institute’s briefing focused on a promising public sector prototype currently being developed between Brent Council and the community interest company Mydex.

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