It's time to plan for 2020

Many IT organisations aren't ready to adapt to the changes in business over the next ten years. And to succeed in 2020 you will need to radically reset your expectations, and re-think how you will provide value to your business.

Forrester sees three forces that will reshape IT by 2020:

- The explosion of business-ready, self-service technologies
- The growing influence of a tech-savvy and self-sufficient workforce
- A business world unlike today's

This new business market will be radically warped as emerging economies dwarf established ones. A billion new consumers enter the market bringing radically different view of products and services.

Surging resource costs — especially energy costs will make today's global business models unviable. These may not sound like IT concerns but they will have profound impacts on how IT is viewed, used and valued. Your business will embrace technology to solve these challenges, but be intolerant with the overhead and delay IT organisations bring.

We can see a shift towards self-service technologies like Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud platforms — technologies which business areas can take advantage of without the costs of previous technologies, and without the IT department even knowing they are being used.

Business users will bring in devices, like their smart phones or consumer apps and use them for work purposes. They already do this today to address the challenges and opportunities they see in supporting customers, streamlining internal collaboration and simplifying their worklife.

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