CIO Questionnaire: Steve Chambers, Visa Europe

Where were you born?
In a council house in Newcastle Upon Tyne

How many people work in your IT department?
Approximately 800 permanent roles of which around 100 are filled by contractors

Approximately 300 more contractors who are recruited in for specific projects

Approximately 200 more outsourced.

What is the size of your annual IT budget?
Around €250m with a further €100m for project work.

What percentage of annual turnover does IT represent?
As a percentage of expenses it's about 35%

What is the basic structure of your IT department?
I run all Change and Governance for Visa Europe as well as Business Operations and IT. IT itself is split into Technical Operations, IT Build, Solutions and Architecture, plus a Technology Office

Who are your key suppliers?
IBM; BT; EMC; Deloitte; Endava; KCOM;

What devices does your department support and how many?
About 3000 workstations; 3000 mobiles, iphones and smartphones. The vast majority of our servers are virtualised or will be by end 2011.

Who has/have been the most influential people in your career?
My wife; My friends; The people I have worked with and for.

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