Let’s not go Dutch on G-Cloud

One year on from the general election and the government’s drive to improve public sector IT shows few signs of losing momentum.

The recently released ICT strategy aspires to deliver better for less, to achieve an IT-based transformation of our public services on a scale to rival the private sector.

And not before time: companies like Facebook have come from nowhere to deliver globally successful, user-driven services in less time than governments have spent just talking about moving to digital services.

This is not just a UK problem. The Dutch government has decided not to adopt mainstream cloud computing, having concluded that only a small number of cloud offerings are mature enough to be effectively deployed.

Instead it plans to develop a private, secure network managed by its own government-wide organisation.

This is an opportunity missed. The private sector has used commercial cloud services to help reduce infrastructure and datacentres and to reduce application sprawl (which for UK government IT is estimated at over 10,000 applications).

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