A long and winding roadmap

A few years ago the extract transform and load (ETL), master data management (MDM) and data quality markets were distinct ones.

There was a vague, dawning recognition that MDM might possibly need some sort of data quality component at times, and that somehow you needed to move data from your source systems into an MDM hub, but that was about as far as it went.

Even a few years ago most approaches to MDM were data domain-specific, with either customer hubs or product hubs.

Recently there has been a visible reshaping of these markets as large enterprise software vendors decided that they wanted a slice of MDM pie. Each made acquisitions to fill gaps in their portfolio.

Acquisition frenzy
IBM purchased DWL, an early customer hub, as well as Trigo, a product hub, and Exeros, a data discovery tool. It has produced a roadmap as to how these products may coalesce over time, and recently complicated this picture by buying Initiate, another customer hub.

It already had a data quality tool through the purchase of Ascential, which also provided ETL capability. Getting all these products to be at least on speaking terms is the next, and far from trivial, task.

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