Shell Energy CIO Clare Patterson on changing company mindsets


Shell Energy CIO Clare Patterson discussed how her team had tried to tap in to the company's strong safety ethos to develop a culture that also encouraged new ways of thinking and a growth-mindset, and would ultimately include exploring gamification techniques and her function working "in a more DevOps way".

Recognised in the 2019 CIO 100 as the CIO of the area of Shell's business which trades gas, power, renewables, and carbon credits, Patterson was addressing an audience of CIOs and CTOs at the 2019 CIO Summit when she discussed "creating a winning integrating IT team".

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With teams in Australia, Singapore, Japan, China, India, Dubai, London and Houston, Patterson discussed initiatives covering mindset and cultural change to support technology transformation.

"Having a computer science background and being more of an analytical person, the technology side of the transformation is the bit where I'm probably most comfortable," Patterson said. "It's measurable, and you can plan it."

Purpose and culture

Patterson said that more subjective areas around individual self-awareness and collective purpose and culture, was something "that gets a lot less focus by many organisations" but one that could reap dividends.

"I talked a lot about the purpose for Shell, and we spent a lot of time understanding what our customer value propositions are, and, for Shell Energy, working out ambitions and what we want to do," she said. "What's our proof points? How are we going to show up as an organisation? What do we look like in 2025?"