Key DevOps practices including how business are already reaping the benefits of shifting to a DevOps culture

In our quest to break down the biggest enterprise technology trends this month we are tackling DevOps, the development practice that has been sweeping the enterprise for some time now.

DevOps is a combination of, you guessed it, software development and operations. So instead of having separate teams building software and another running it everything is done continuously to shorten development cycles. The need for speed with modern development has led to this practice of continuous delivery, where software is built and provisioned to be constantly tweaked, without any downtime for users.

The term DevOps came to prominence around 2008 off the back of the rise of Agile software development. The key to this practice has been the rise of ubiquitous cloud computing, which is charged on-demand, and advancements in automation and monitoring technologies.

However, it is not just the technology that needs to change when adopting DevOps, especially at an enterprise with lots of legacy technology and ancient business processes, it is a cultural change which needs to be fully adopted to really see the benefits.

Here we run through some key practices to get up and running with DevOps, some help with key tooling, as well as case studies for best practices, including how businesses are already reaping the benefits of shifting to a DevOps culture.

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