3 tech trends CIOs need to prepare for

In order to realise tomorrow's objectives, however, high performing IT leaders and business executives must abandon yesterday's approaches and take a hard look at a future that will be marked by three converging forces:

1 Data Reigns Supreme
The age of viewing everything through an application lens, as generations of programmers and architects have long done, is nearing an end. Instead, platform architectures will be selected primarily to cope with soaring volumes of data and the complexity of data management, rather than for their ability to support applications.

In this new age, the quantity, processing speeds and distribution of data will compel IT and business leaders to see the world through a data lens. While the true and tried relational database will remain, it will soon make way for other types of databases — streaming databases, for example — that will mark a huge departure from what the business world has relied on for decades.

As a result, business leaders will be forced to reframe their IT orientation more broadly around the idea of data value and utility to gain a competitive edge. More and more organisations will begin to view data as something that can provide a competitive advantage, with data now becoming the platform that supports application services.

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