CIOs should embrace double-deep employees

Over the last few years we've started seeing the emergence of what I call 'double-deep employees': people in marketing, finance and other business areas who not only are well versed in all the traditional (single deep) functions of their role, but have also learned enough about the relevant information technologies to use them competently.

As a CIO, these could be your worst nightmare- those picky users who will make the life of your teams hell! Or you could choose to embrace these new double-deep employees as key members of your team.

By immersing themselves  in modern, increasingly consumerised IT, each new generation brings more IT experience and ability to the workplace than their predecessors, and is more likely to want to apply IT to whatever task they face. At the same time, technology tools are improving all the time, enabling IT to become much more useful to almost any information-intensive work.

So what if you brought these double-deep employees into your IT organisation? What can they bring to their role within the team and to the organisation as a whole?

The changing role of the CIO

Traditionally, the IT function has tended to perform a reactive provider role towards the business, supplying systems and services in response to business demands. But now that IT pervades so many aspects of business life, it's time for the IT function to move closer to the business and take a more proactive approach to interaction.

So we need to identify and nurture the double-deep employees within our own teams — the people who have the potential to take on wider leadership roles within the organisation as a whole.

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