Now That's What I Call the CIO Playlist!

I spend a fair amount of time working with CIOs to increase their strategic relevance. Practical advice is all well and good until it comes into contact with the day to day operational tempest that invariably leads to CIO aspiration returning to IT manager reality.

Thus we need to embed the key messages deeply into the psyche of CIOs such that regardless of the environmental conditions the envisioned future is moved forward. I understand that music is a powerful influencer in this respect and so have compiled a somewhat eclectic playlist for CIOs.

This playlist will turn your perhaps humdrum and cognitive eroding commute into a pre-Superbowl rallying cry. Worst case you can listen to it as your CFO makes the case for you delivering more with a further reduced budget.

So in no particular order:

Firestarter – The Prodigy

New technology has the power to disrupt businesses and even industries. You need to ensure that the boardroom sees that you are a strategic genius rather than the Chief Data Centre Officer. New hairstyle and makeup optional.

Love Hurts – Jim Capaldi

In a world of abundant choices, customers will go to where they receive the best experience. Your organisation needs to turn price sensitive customers into besotted raving fans. You boardroom believes this simply requires the creation of a few new apps and returning the call centre to the same continent as your market.

But you know that behind the shiny digital customer experience interface there is an integration nightmare in turning systems of record into a system of engagement. Creating customer love will hurt. Your boardroom needs to be told.

Teenage Kicks – The Undertones

The next generation of users are entering the marketplace. They have different expectations in terms of the tools they use and the type of support they require, given their less conformative approach to work. As the song suggests they may need access to IT services beyond the working day and possibly even 'right through the night'.

Behind Closed Doors – Charlie Pride

This king of country music innocently stated that no one knows what goes on behind closed doors. Well thanks to the recent cloud hacking scandal we are acutely aware of what goes on in the homes of the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton. And while Daily Mail readers have been assured the photos weren't actually stored in a physical cloud, it has raised questions about the suitability of the cloud as a key element of enterprise infrastructure. If the cloud is part of your IT strategy you may need to launch a cloud PR campaign.

Call Me – Blondie

Collaboration is key to harnessing the full potential of the organisation's human capital. As is mobility. Increasingly through crowdsourcing we can harness the brain power of the wider market too. You need to ensure that all your communications and social media technologies are in place and working to ensure your organisation can capitalise on this trend.

On the Street Where You Live – Vic Damone

Regardless of the seemingly stalker-inspired theme of this song, it does remind us that data analytics particularly in respect to customer geospatial data is a business-critical matter. Integrating your customer data with Google Maps and beacon technology is definitely the way ahead if you operate in the retail space.

Nutcracker Suite – Tchaikovsky

You know the role of CIO is not an easy ride. You also know that you have the power to transform the business and so in the not so unlikely extreme 'save the business'. It can seem strange that despite this reality the leadership team gives you such a hard time. Forgive them. They have yet to find out that you represent the 'handsome prince' that will one day lead the organisations to the enchanted land of digital.

That's all for now pop pickers. Sensational!

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