CIO of the Future announced as part of 2015 CIO 100

Dear CIO,

As preparations for the 2015 CIO 100 begin we in the judging panel plan to expand the CIO 100 to award the CIO of the Future. We are looking for a direct report that shows all the signs of stepping up to the CIO role and continuing the development of the CIO role towards being a key, board level business leader that delivers transformational change to organisations.

The winner of the CIO of the Future award will receive mentoring from leading CIOs, former CEOs and organisations that believe as passionately as we do that the CIO role is a force for positive change.

I'm taking this opportunity to write to you to ask you as a current member of the CIO 100 if you would like to nominate one of your direct reports.

If one of your team stands out as a CIO of the future please answer the below questions:

•   Their name, age and current job title?

•   Tell us how they are a positive force of disruption and change in your organisation

•   Describe how they demonstrate a strong understanding of your business and its demands

•   What major projects have they been involved in and how did they ensure the project delivered change to your organisation

•   Describe the leadership qualities you see in this direct report

The CIO of the future will be announced alongside the 2015 CIO 100 on April 23rd, 2015 in Central London at a gala event that will again celebrate the role of CIOs from or within the UK that deliver transformation to their organisations.

2015's CIO 100 will be the fourth year that the CIO 100 has focused on and celebrated the role of the CIO as a transformation leader. No longer is it accurate to judge CIOs by the size of the IT budget, organisation or team they manage. Since 2012 the CIO 100 has recognised CIOs that deliver transformational technology but also play a crucial role in enabling their organisations to meet the changing demands today's economy places on them. Previous occupants of the number one spot of the CIO 100 include Trevor Didcock, CIO of easyJet the low cost airline that is Europe's largest airline by passenger numbers; James Thomas, CIO of the University Colleges London Hospital  ( UCLH) and a leader in rethinking how technology is deployed in the NHS and the current number one is Stephen Kneebone, European CIO of Nissan who has played an instrumental role in Nissan not only being a leading member of the automotive industry that launches transformational cars like the electric Leaf, but also a serious retail and digital marketing player. The CIO 100 also features major industry leaders such as Christina Scott at the Financial Times,Phil Jordan Group CIO of Telefonica and Ian Cohen of JLT.

Thank you for your time and I hope the CIO of the future is an opportunity for you and your organisation to recognise and promote a talented member of your team.

Yours faithfully,

Mark Chillingworth, Editor in Chief, CIO UK

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