CIO Profile: Greenwich University's Alan Broadaway on student demands

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The Royal Naval College in Greenwich has got to be one of the most pictur­esque places to work in London. Designed by Sir Christopher Wren, it houses one of the sites of the University of Greenwich, whose recently-departed head of IT Alan Broadaway is himself a man with a long history, although not quite so long as this waterfront building.

At the same time as many CIOs in office today were experimenting with computing as schoolchildren or undergraduates, Broadaway was building systems for electricity generating grids and oil rigs.

Until his departure from the role shortly­ after we met late last year, Broadaway’s primary concern was the infrastructure that supports the university’s three sites: the main campus in Greenwich, a second 10 miles further south in Eltham and a third in Chatham, close to where the river Medway runs into the Thames.

Many of the college’s 18,000 undergraduates are the first in their family to take a degree course. Widening access into higher education is a deliberate policy of vice chancellor Baroness Blackstone and so its mission statement involves the care of its students, who may be totally unfamiliar with the university environment. Many students are from overseas.

“It can be a bit daunting and there is a whole range of support mechanisms in place for students,” says Broadaway. “What we look to do within IT is to provide as good an experience as you can get within the constraints of our funding.”

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