ASA pulls the plugs

In the past, you wouldn’t have considered messages on your company’s website, blog or Facebook page to be considered advertising. Since 1 March 2011, they could be. From that date, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)’s rules apply in full to online marketing messages, including the rules relating to misleading advertising, social responsibility and the protection of children.

The ASA is the independent watchdog responsible for regulating advertising in the UK. Historically, it has only had the power to regulate adverts in emails, text messages and online advertisements where they are contained in paid-for advertising space.

It now has the power to regulate advertisements and other marketing communications placed by businesses on their own websites and in other non-paid online space under their control.

The ASA’s new remit covers the online advertising and marketing communications of all organisations operating from the UK, including those on their own websites and in other non-paid-for space such as Facebook pages, company blogs, tweets, paid searches, emails, viral marketing and promoted games.

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