CIOs turn focus to driving innovation and change in 2016

CIOs say their main focus in 2016 will be to drive business innovation and drive change efforts.

In research of more than 100 UK CIOs and business technology leaders, the IT executives responses showed a shift in focus from business transformation to business innovation, and from an era where the focus was on aligning IT with business goals and improving IT operations and performance, towards leading innovation and change.

The study by CIO UK publisher IDG UK also revealed that CIOs in 2016 predominantly expect to have larger budgets, and they expect to be able to spend more of this money on business initiatives and revenue growth projects rather than supporting the IT function.

However, there were hints at a disconnect when it came to the CIO and IT function being seen by the CEO as a home of innovation, while CIOs were challenged to move forward from internal innovation to looking at the business from the viewpoint of the customer to design new products, services, and experiences.

Digital strategist and CIO columnist Ade McCormack advised CIOs to demonstrate innovation in the IT function to gain the credibility before becoming more proactive in provoking the business, while fellow CIO coach Catherine Stagg-Macey said that CIOs need to start upping their game and "bring new ideas to the executive suite".

CIO advisor Ian Cox said: "To be seen as a leader of business innovation, CIOs need make the transition from technology leader to business leader. This means spending less time in the detail of technology and more time leading the discussion about how IT can enable new business models, products and services."

You can read the full report here.


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