Three steps to becoming a business leader

For 30 years, we have created increasingly complex IT processes and industrialized IT operations in the hope of driving down costs while at the same time increasing IT and business alignment.

But today's business realities demand that CIOs move beyond alignment. CEOs can no longer afford IT leaders without the vision and influence to effect business change.

To help CIOs make this transition, from IT to BT (Business Technology), we have collected a set of best practices to help you map your way forward.

The age of the customer requires CIOs to change
In the era where the customer has tremendous influence over business strategy, companies must become customer-obsessed to retain customers and dominate markets.

As organisations compete to establish market leadership, customers will develop brand loyalty through technology-enabled customer experiences that convey a perception of value.

As such, the CIO and IT play an integral role in the value delivery process to the customer and this requires CIOs to move beyond simple alignment and toward shared business leadership.

Forrester characterizes the change in how CIOs must think about the emerging role of IT as part of the customer-value ecosystem as a move toward empowered business technology.

Three essential steps of an empowered BT organisation
Although there are many ways to measure progress toward empowered business technology (BT). All CIOs making this journey successfully navigate their organisations along a pathway built around three core attributes.

IT teams must typically develop a degree of competency in each step before moving to the next.

While moving to a new step, it is important to maintain proficiency in prior steps in order to reach empowered BT.

Each step is made up of a combination of best practices that move the IT organisation along the road toward BT.

You may not master every best practice at each step, and your progression may not be sequential, but it is important to keep progressing along this path.

Step 1: Build a solid business-oriented foundation
These foundational tactics are necessary to begin the journey toward empowered BT and they include things such as building your bench of business-oriented staff, establishing the relationship manager as a pivotal leadership role, and setting up a portfolio management approach to managing projects.

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