Consumerisation of IT myths exposed

Media headlines and vendors claim organisations today are faced with a tidal wave of demands from Generation-Y employees to connect their personal devices to the corporate network.

But, there are those IT executives who flatly state that this sort of thing would never be tolerated in their organisations.

To get a better feel for what's really going on, we carried out an online survey of 1,600 IT and business professionals. We asked about their own preferences and habits with regard to personal technology.

We also investigated what's going on within their organisations with regard to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and the business use of consumer services such as instant messaging, web conferencing or online storage.

Our findings showed that the tidal wave is myth rather than reality, which gives IT some breathing space.

Figure 1

We also exposed three further key myths, which are:

- Generation-Y is the driving force behind BYOD
- Consumerisation is all about the hottest gadgets
- It's possible to stop consumerisation

So if it's not Generation Y, who is it that's pushing to have their own devices connected to the corporate network?

As can be seen in Figure 1, outside of the IT department itself, it's the senior executives who are most insistent on using a personal device for work.

Senior executives are the ones with the most clout, and the greatest likelihood to have their wishes granted.

"Come back when the answer is 'yes'" was the alleged response from a senior manager when told by IT that the security risks were too great to give him access to corporate applications on his new tablet device.

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