CIO UK podcast episode 5 - 2018 CIO 100 reflections, themes, authenticity and diversity

2018 CIO 100 celebration

A 2018 CIO 100 special edition podcast featuring interviews with some 13 CIOs hosted by IDG Editorial Director Matt Egan and CIO UK Editor Edward Qualtrough revealed the themes from the CIO 100 initiative - with leading CIOs discussing diversity, authenticity, and the value of CIOs networking to share ideas and troubleshoot problems.

At the 2018 CIO 100 celebration reception in April, Qualtrough introduced the CIO 100 as a celebration of the CIO role and recognition of the value business technology executives provide to their organisation, and CIO 100 leader David Henderson from Global Radio spoke about some of the initiatives his organisation and team had been undertaking at the media company.

Two of the major themes that were discussed during the panel debates at the CIO 100 celebration reception were diversity and authenticity, and you can hear the comments from CIO 100 judge Ian Cox on diversity, and Addison Lee CIO Ian Cohen talking about the importance of authenticity.

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CIO UK's roving reporter, Online Editor Thomas Macaulay, spoke with almost a dozen CIOs who discussed the evolution of the CIO role, as well as the value of CIOs networking and learning from each other.

We caught up with Science Museum Director of IT Jason Oliver, Leeds Building Society CIO Tom Clark, Sidra Medicine CIO Joanna Smith, CYBG CIO Fraser Ingram, Royal Borough of Greenwich Finance Director Kevin Gibbs, Scottish Local Government Chief Digital Officer Martyn Wallace, City University CIO Claire Priestley, Northwood & Wepa CIO Paul Boardman, Transport Systems Catapult IT Director Alex Farr, Knights Brown's Peter Williamson, and Compass Group UK & Ireland CIO Fiona Humphreys - and you can hear their musings on diversity, authenticity, the evolution of the CIO role and the value of events like the CIO 100.

Launched in January 2018, the CIO UK podcast is a monthly discussion featuring CIOs, commentators and technology executives thrashing out the key issues relevant to the UK's business and technology leaders - as well as the tangential and irreverent musings of guest CIOs.


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