The Complete Guide to Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been a hot topic in the enterprise technology world for some time, but we are only now starting to see true end-to-end IoT solutions and case studies in the wild.

By connecting up fleets of Internet-enabled devices and the huge volumes of data these generate, businesses can start to get a better handle on their assets, save on maintenance costs and leverage critical efficiencies.

The use of IoT at enterprise scale isn’t limited to industrial IoT (or the industrial Internet, as it is also known), but consumer-facing organizations such as British Gas, insurers including Aviva and the healthcare industry are also starting to leverage IoT technology to the benefit of their customers.

Here we demystify some of the key terms and technology involved with IoT (edge computing, anyone?), run through the best tools and platforms technology vendors have built for managing devices and data, offer some security advice, and run through real-life case studies of organizations putting IoT to good use.

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