Donate a day rate to the Big Issue, says CTO

Interim CTO and CIO Rachel Murphy-Cooper is asking her peers donate a day rate to help the homeless. Murphy-Cooper is raising money for the Big Issue Foundation, the charitable arm of the successful homeless magazine.

“I have a vast network of fellow interim’s who I can hassle about donating their day rate between now and the 24th December 2015 to help somebody in need,” the typically forthright CTO of the Nursing and Midwifery Council said. “I thought what the hell cast the net as wide as possible and see if we can get as many people as possible to donate their day rate, contractors or permanent staff.

“I’m privileged to have never spent a night on the streets but over the years I have directly and indirectly done lots of work with people who have and if I can make this gesture and help some people out then you guys can too, so dig deep and get donating!

The Big Issue Foundation are seeking to secure £120,000 towards supporting our services for Big Issue vendors. The Foundation has secured £40,000 of funding against the appeal. Two major donors, a major grant giving Trust and a corporate partner have pledged against the appeal which means that for every pound donated it can literally double the value of a donation - meaning twice the impact for vulnerable people across the country.

“So if you give £500 today it could be worth £1,000 – or even more with Gift Aid. A gift of £1,000 can provide specialist support for Big Issue vendors to achieve goals including returning to education, starting a business and reconnecting with family and loved ones,” Murphy Cooper said.

To join in or pledge to support your fellow Interim CTO visit:

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