Business growth driving Specsavers' move to Google Apps

Specsaversis migrating its 2,500 staff across the world to Google Apps in an effort to ramp up the pace of expansion into new markets.

Speaking to CIO UK, European IT director at Specsavers, Karl de Bruijn said the migration would make it easier for the company to open up new points of presence cost effectively.

The company is moving away from the Scalix open source collaboration platform, on which a new site was brought on line in three to six months. With Google Apps, the retailer can cut this process down to a month.

de Bruijn said: "We have just completed a pilot roll out with a new manufacturing facility in Hungary. We set up the email in less than a month with only a single IT support."

However de Bruijn maintains the move is not about reducing IT team FTEs, but about doing more with the same staff resources.

None-the-less, de Bruijn admitted the biggest concern of the project is change management, rather than technical requirements, sensing the possiblity of some user hostility over being moved from messaging platforms they were familiar with.

The company has hired cloud computing specialist Ancoris to help with this change management process, which requires the full roll out of Google Apps to take until the middle of this year, even though the technical aspect of the project requires much less time.

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