RBS GBM predicts BlackBerry PlayBook to have significant impact for corporate market

RBS Global Banking Markets(GBM) has developed an app for the Blackberry Playbook, due out in the US by April 19. A spokesman for the organisation said the move was in expectation of institutional clients being more likely to choose the Playbook over the iPad when deploying tablet PCs to employees.

The app will give RBS GBM customers access to fixed income, commodity and currency (FICC) market data, while on the move.

According to global head of FICC product management, electronic markets Ron Karpovich, the decision to develop the app on the Playbook was driven by the likelihood of its customers adopting it as a works device.

He told CIO: "The driver to offer an app on the Playbook platform is because of security parameters over the iPad. We think there is more likelihood that a BlackBerry device is going to be distributed at enterprise level by our counterparty's IT departments, as they already familiar with the security parameters that are in place."

The organisation already offers a similar iPad app, but the expectation is that corporate take up will be driven by other devices, such as the Playbook.

Karpovich said the Playbook app will operate in a timely environment, so that users can be confident that they are getting the most up-to-date information on the market.

He said: "The hope is to make it a clean environment where customers can read on their device, what they should expect to find on their desktop, even before they get in to the office in the morning."

On launch, the app will not feature any transactional ability, but this may be built in at a later date, if there is sufficient user demand.

Karpovich said "We are definitely considering the institutional trading space. It's similar to the pace of the move onto online trading in the 1990s. It's a question of user acceptance and so we are waiting to see how the research application is received before we move into mobile trading."

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