Aegis Group secure Gideon Kay as EMEA CIO

Advertising and communications agency Aegis Group has hired Gideon Kay as CIO for its EMEA operations.

The London-based global media and digital marketing organisation has six divisions and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Kay has been CIO with scientific services organisation LGC since September 2010 and as he recently told this title, oversaw two of its largest transformation projects, the completion of a group wide enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and connecting every device across the LGC estate of 200 international laboratories to a central labs management system.

“All our labs have high-end instruments which are connected to a laboratory workflow management system, which has been my main focus,” Kay said in a recent interview.  “We barcode scan all items as they come into LGC, as we need to maintain a chain throughout the organisation, and we also have to log how much time we spend on everything. That chain could be a chain of evidence for a forensic account, so you do not want to have evidence in a lab notebook, then have to add the information gathered from a test onto a PC, because there is a margin of error creeping in.

“With the networked instruments we have integrated, there is a solid chain that can be viewed from devices and PCs,” Kay explained.

Despite the down turn in the world economy, LGC continued to grow as a business and became a lead innovator in forensic science for policing, creating a DNA tool kit that scene of crime officers can use to see if DNA traces exist at a crime scene and should therefore carry out forensic investigations.

As CIO for LGC Kay not only landed two major transformation projects but was also heavily involved in staff retention and PR and marketing for the organisation.

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