Twenty companies to watch in 2011

As always, the pace of change in the IT world is dizzyingly swift and a lot can happen in a year. Here is a list of tech companies – both established market leaders and young pretenders  - are likely to make a mark on the coming twelve months.

The list has been compiled from suggestions supplied by a group of industry experts, including independent analysts and IT department heads.

Contributors include:
Angela Ashenden: MWD Advisors
Jon Baker: Director of Business Technology for Media Distribution & Consumer Products Licensing  Disney Emea
Matt Ballantine: Head of IT Imagination
Nic Bellenberg: IT Director, Hachette Filipacchi UK
Jeremy Butterfield: Head of IT Milk Link
Andy Hayler: Consultant and blogger
Andy Mulholland: Global CTO Capgemini
Chris Price: Head of ICT solutions Highways Agency
Helena Schwenk: MWD Advisors
Emma Sinden: Ruder Finn
Neil Ward-Dutton: MWD Advisors

Active Endpoints
Active Endpoints started life as a vendor of SOA integration infrastructure, but in the past couple of years it’s extended its ActiveVOS product to include more and more Business Process Management (BPM) functionality, adding an event processing capability along the way.

The company pitches itself very squarely as a provider of BPM technology for use by mainstream business software developers and architects (rather than for line-of-business managers), and this – combined with attractive pricing – has proven to be a very successful strategy. Active Endpoints has been growing consistently strongly over the past couple of years, but 2010 was a standout: it saw 100 per cent revenue growth.

Aster Data
After securing $30m (£18.7m) investment at the end of last year, Aster Data has a lot to be positive about in 2011. The company is one of a small but growing number of data management vendors offering an innovative approach to large-scale data management and advanced analytic processing through its use of the MapReduce framework.

Using a combination of embedded analytics and a high performance, large scale data management platform, Aster Data supports complex and data intensive applications such as those for web analytics, customer behaviour analytics and fraud detection. With organisations looking to find new ways to use and analyse the vast amount of data they have been collecting but not exploiting in 2011, Aster Data and its analytic database platform is well positioned to make the most of this opportunity.

Apple will continue to force IT to re-evaluate how services are delivered to users.  With iPhone 5, iPad 2 and the OSX Lion releases pencilled in, Gen X users will have even more cause to demand that IT delivers information and services the way that they want them, as the distinction between consumer and professional tech is evaporating.  But what ripples will Steve Jobs’ illness cause? We all need to watch Apple carefully.

BPM technology provider BonitaSoft was founded in 2008 off the back of a research project that first started in academia in 2001, before being open-sourced in 2003 and then further developed within French IT vendor Bull. Following a cash injection from a VC in 2009, BonitaSoft redeveloped the technology from scratch, yielding the Bonita Open Solution – which has some strong capabilities, and which the company provides commercial training and support services for.

Since then, it’s been on an impressive path: community contributions to the offering have significant momentum, and in the commercial domain the company is also making strong strides.  In the last three months of 2010 it opened two US offices, achieved 500,000 downloads of the core product, and surpassed 100 enterprise customers.
This utility software company offers a browser-based website testing and monitoring service. It sits in a growing space that combines the power of cloud computing and the acciessibility of open source software to keep its products affordable to companies that would otherwise not be able to use such a service. BrowserMob introduced its first product in November 2008 and has steadily climbed to profitability since then. In July, 2010 BrowserMob was acquired by Neustar.

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