Euro Car Parts private cloud providing 'extra security' and driving digital business value at a faster pace

Euro Car Partswill deploy a private cloud which will provide "extra security" for its data with the CIO of the organisation Andy Campbell believing it will help drive new digital business value.

Campbell said it will give ECP a cloud environment for its current infrastructure and further align the organisation's core technology to the front end of the business and customer interactions.

Platform for digital

The private cloud will be built remotely and delivered in less than a month, with CIO Campbell saying the product will be "ticking all the boxes".

"IT focus at ECP has shifted away from operational 'keeping the lights on' to driving new digital business value at a faster pace," Campbell said.

"We are on an exciting journey and the speed of delivery is crucial to this."

IT Skills

Since joining ECP 18 months ago CIO Campbell's role has seen him embark on a campaign to tackle the skills shortage which will be eased by the cloud deployment.

Indeed, this was a trend reflected in the 2016 CIO 100 which saw CIOs repond they were struggling to recruit the right skills to drive transformation.

Campbell said: "In terms of benefits it now means I can spend less time worrying about skills that I am missing and and instead get on with delivering projects and benefits innovating the company."

Cloud security

CIO Campbell implemented the private cloud believing it will offer a "reliable, robust technology" and that the reasons for not going down the public cloud route were "partly for old school reasons".

He said: "We wanted the extra security of knowing it was within our data centres, and we could get it delivered in one piece very quickly, fully managed by someone else - it ticked all the boxes of having it under your control without any of the stress."

Euro Car Parts IT roadmap

Campbell said that the next phase for Euro Car Parts as part of its infrastructure refresh is to make sure the organisation is built on scalable platforms as it continues to grow and push into new markets.

"We are currently reviewing all the IT platforms and building a plan over the next three to four years for substantial and sustainable growth that is robust and scalable," he said.

The CIO said that the company's focus was "relentless in terms of growth" as the UK-based company looks to expand its horizons.

He said: "We will forge more links with our sister companies in Europe and America as we become a truly global player in car parts."

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