Digital and the CDO - The 2015 CIO review

Driving digital transformation and focusing on the customer via digital touchpoints were ubiquitous themes for CIOs in 2015. And with handfuls of Chief Information Officers also still in role in spite of the onslaught of the Chief Digital Officer and the accompanying predictions from some analyst and research houses about the demise of the CIO, we look back at what CIOs told CIO UK about digital transformation, as well as the CIOs taking on the CDO responsibility. [See also: Chief Digital Officer - What's the CDO role and how much do CDOs get paid?]

"We need to exploit the opportunities of digital technologies to deliver services that provide the right information, at the right time, in the right place, in the most effective and efficient way to meet the needs of those users, whoever and wherever they are."
James Findlay, HS2 CIO

"We are built on being disruptive and therefore we encourage and embrace innovation throughout the business, actively investing in creativity throughout the organisation."
Graham Benson, CIO

"Our transformation strategy to make Telefonica the leading digital telco in the world means we are disrupting every element of our business and with it every part of technology."
Phil Jordan, Telefonica CIO

"I have personally witnessed or suffered at the hands of digital transformation across large organisations."
Dominic Shine, News Corp Global CIO

"Technology alone can't deliver transformation, clever application can. For us, data analytics is king along with innovative digital and mobility technology to be used by visitors as they travel to, from and around our properties."
Sarah Flannigan, National Trust CIO

"The real challenges are coming from selling the idea of digital to the company, but not the board because they are already on board, and finding out how to use digital technology to rethink completely the way we do things."
Malika Mir, Ipsen Chief Information and Digital Officer

"We went to Google, Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo among others. It was a real eye-opener for people to see the focus and approach of these companies on issues such as mobile first. Desktop access to our service was at a plateau and the Silicon Valley trip really helped gain traction with the digital focus and brought it to life. This helped cement the fact that we can't not focus on this, and digital is a top four strategic focus."
Nick Burton, Belron Head of Digital and Innovative Technology

"The capability to track patients through their digital journey will open up the possibilities to reform the way in which care is provided, the quality of the care itself and the patient perception of the provision."
Richard Corbridge, Health Service Executive CIO

"Are CIOs and companies being courageous enough in their digital thinking? Are they really crossing industry boundaries and creating new markets, or are they limiting their digital vision? At the moment CIOs are still optimising and not disrupting."
Gartner Fellow Dave Aron

CIOs on being the Chief Digital Officer

"Driving forwards a digital, social and mobility-focused strategy is at the heart of the CIO's role."
Adam Gerrard, Yodel CIO

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"The segregation of technology and digital is not helpful. There needs to be a single agenda and they need to be tightly integrated. The CDO concept, in my view, was a necessary transition state. There are a lot of new digital capabilities being brought in, mapping, customer journeys, UX and interfaces."
Sarah Wilkinson, Home Office CTO

"I own group digital strategy and work with local CMOs to implement it."
Andy Caddy, Virgin Active CIO

"A lot of the work a CDO would do is covered by my role, which is more digital product than IT."
Sharon Cooper, BMJ CTO

"We dont have a separate CDO, the CIO is also responsible for digital."
Claudette Jones, Edinburgh City Council CIO

"We do not have a CDO. More accurately, we do not have a separate role for a CDO as I fulfil the role within my position as director of ICT."
Geoff Connell, Newham and Havering councils CIO

"I don't believe there is a difference between the CIO and Chief Digital Officer; I am carrying out a wide range of things that would be expected of a CDO."
Steven Capper, AECOM CIO

"We don't have a CDO. My responsibility has broadened to take on the evolution of the company's digital developments. I collaborate strongly with the business leaders to help them deliver customer-centric changes to the websites, applications and brand-new social media experience for our customers."
David Cooper, British Gas CIO

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