3 ways to take a business-focused view of digital transformation

To successfully implement digital transformation strategies, CIOs need to align with other business leaders. African CIOs focus on 3 key strategies for doing so.

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Creating new sources of value for an enterprise requires the alignment of business and technology objectives. According to a Gartner CIO Agenda Report, as enterprises accelerate their digital transformation efforts, the focus of  IT is on "information" rather than "technology," and the role of the CIO is shifting from controlling costs and re-engineering processes to exploiting data and driving revenue.

In an IBM Global C-suite study in which more than 2,000 chief information officers and a total of 12,800 CxOs responded, CIOs expressed a clear change in sentiment about their roles – a shift from seeing themselves as conventional IT managers and coordinators to digital culture shapers and business growth drivers.

We asked a number of Africa-based CIOs to share some insights on their approach to finding the right balance between keeping the lights on and driving business performance. Below are the three key strategies.

Develop strategies for change and scale  

 "As CIOs we must operate effectively in complex, highly dynamic environments, driven by globalization, regulations, innovations, disruptions and cyber-attacks," said Avsharn Bachoo, CTO of PPS Insurance.

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